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PHOTOS: That time 2" of snow paralyzed Atlanta overnight

Here's why Atlanta freaks out when a little snow is in the forecast.

The 2-inch "blizzard" of 2014 shut down the entire city. Some people spent the night in their cars after everybody tried leaving early at the same time when snow started falling in the afternoon. I was one of them. Here are some photos from that very long trip home.

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Traffic in the Perimeter area in the afternoon of Jan. 28, 2014:

We didn't get very far. The road conditions didn't seem that terrible, actually. It was the huge tractor trailers that slid into each other, creating impassable barricades that had us all bunking on the highway:


Nothing like waking up to the sight of traffic that hasn't budged all night. Actually I don't remember sleeping much:


Curiously enough we were stuck within shouting distance of the Weather Channel's headquarters. It felt kind of fitting:


Once we started moving we passed lots of abandoned cars on Cobb Parkway:


Marietta's most famous landmark all snowbound:


When we finally made it home I didn't leave for about three days.

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