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MTV's "Resolutions for White Guys" video sparks backlash

With 2016 about over (thank goodness) MTV is out with a list of resolutions they suggest white guys embrace in the new year. The video blends social commentary and humor and has sparked some criticism in response.

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Examples of proposed white-guy resolutions:

"Try to recognize that America was never great for anyone who isn’t a white guy."

"Can we all just agree that Black Lives Matter isn’t the opposite of All Live Matter?"

"Blue Lives Matter isn’t a thing."

"Learn what mansplaining is .. and stop doing it."

"Nobody who has black friends says that they have black friends."

"Feel free to take Kanye West, though. You guys can have him."

The original video appears to have been removed amid backlash in online social forums such as the Reddit channel titled "MTV's idiotic new video: New Years Resolutions for White Guys."

"As a white guy, every time a video like this comes out I find my heart hardens just a little more to their concerns," one user posted. "After a rough 2016 I think I'm done - I'll focus on myself, my family, and my friends. I'm tired of fighting for people who are just as willing to be intolerant to 'others.'"

"Honestly it's like a whole bunch of people don't realize how they're perpetuating racism by being racists," another posted. "They think you can't be racist against white people, which is of course ridiculous."

Many posters took issue with the format of the video as much as the content: "It's like they spent a year studying BuzzFeed and said "how can we do this worse."

At one point in the video, a commenter says "I'm talking to you, Fox News."

Of course Fox News responded:

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