Metro Atlantans in DC for the inauguration are ready to cheer President Trump

WASHINGTON - Sen. Johnny Isakson's office is busy this morning, as Georgians eager to cheer for President Donald Trump have stopped by for a pre-inauguration reception.

"This is history," said David Rubin of Suwannee, sporting a bright red "Make America Great Again" hat. He's attending an inauguration for the first time; his wife, Betty, decided they should make the trip.

"I just am so happy it's happening," she said.

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Crystal Waddell of Americus is also here for an inauguration for the first time. Her son Gage, 14, is a history buff who delights in presidential trivia, so she didn't hesitate to let him miss school to be here.

"We just couldn't miss it," she said.

The patriotic looking spread in Isakson's conference room includes a cake frosted with "God Bless America," along with some clever Georgia-specific touches. Guests are sipping coffee out of Waffle House cups and can grab a bag of Chick-fil-A waffle-fry chips for the road if they'd like.

Mainly, folks are just excited to visit with fellow Trump-supporting Georgians amid talk of protests forming to speak out against the incoming administration.

"Did you hear what CNN did yesterday?" David Rubin asked, referencing this report pondering the line of succession were there to be an Inauguration Day assassination.

"I try not to watch CNN," said Maria Popovici of Lawrenceville, who has little use for the mainstream media in general and not a lot of patience for people planning to protest on Friday.

"I was not an Obamacare supporter but I was not out in the streets committing arson," she said. "I respected the constitutional process."

Joanne Thurston of west Cobb County is ready to experience her first inauguration and is particularly excited about all the potential Georgia connections the new administration will feature. US Rep. Tom Price has been nominated as Secretary of Health and Human Services; former Gov. Sonny Perdue is up for head of Agriculture.

"Sonny Perdue being named yesterday just adds to the excitement," she said. "We in Cobb County and the state of Georgia are so blessed to have the representation we have here in Washington."

Outside the Capitol building,  Germaine Thomas of Conyers was looking forward to the big show.

"We're going to see a lot of history start happening," he said. "The one thing I'm looking foward to is he will allow the American people to pursue their own happiness without any unnecessary restraints. That's why the American people voted for him. They voted for change."

Germaine Thomas of Conyers is ready to cheer President Trump. Photo: Ryon Horne

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