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Jimmy Kimmel: Make Donald Trump king so he'll leave the White House

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's solution to the increasingly volatile presidency of Donald Trump: Make him king instead.

"He is a total disaster. He screws up royally every day. Sometimes two or three times a day," Kimmel said during his Tuesday night monologue, appealing to Trump voters who he suspects are feeling buyer's remorse. "Deep down, you know you made a mistake. You know you picked the wrong guy...He does need to go. It's time for especially you who voted for him, to tell him to go."

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Kimmel doesn't even think Trump wants to be president, but won't resign "because his ego is too big."

The remedies include impeachment, which would be a long and laborious process that might not even happen or America could take the approach Trump himself might endorse: negotiate.

"I know this is going to sound nuts but ... I think this could solve all our problems. Instead of president, we make Donald Trump king."

Kimmel suggests looking to Mother England for inspiration, noting Queen Elizabeth II is a ceremonial figurehead without actual political power.

"The queen could be completely bonkers. It would make no difference at all," Kimmel said. "She would still be queen. It would still be fine."

So Kimmel suggest installing Trump in a castle (how about Mar-a-Lago?) "and then lock the door to that castle forever."

"Everyone could call him Your Highness. Maybe we give him a scepter," Kimmel concluded. "He could sit there watching 'Fox and Friends,' maybe chip some golf balls out the window of his tower. There's no way he turns that deal down."

Kimmel's monologue presented serious commentary with a lighthearted approach but also lots of research (props to his writing team). His entire monologue includes excerpts from Trump's combative Tuesday press conference, where he levied blame on "both sides" following the violence in Charlottesville that left a woman dead.

We're starting the clip from the moment Kimmel appeals directly to Trump voters:

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