James Corden's sisters' hilarious antics at Luke Bryan's Super Bowl press conference


HOUSTON - Georgia's own Luke Bryan sings the National Anthem in front of millions of fans before the Super Bowl on Sunday night but if he's nervous he sure didn't let on during  a news conference this week.

In fact, he was relaxed enough to go along with a little impromptu gag courtesy of "The Late Late Show" host James Corden. The witty Brit, famed for his "car karaoke" sessions with assorted performers, sent his equally effervescent sisters Andrea and Ruth to Houston.

"I'm sorry you had to grow up with him," Bryan quipped after the guy manning the microphone handed it to the ladies.

"Tell me about it," Ruth said. "James sent us with a very specific mission: hug a cowboy."

"I kind of more of a country boy," he said.

Good enough, the gals said.

"Let's do this!" Bryan said, and hopped off the stage. Gathering Corden's two siblings in for a group hug, he mugged for the camera and called, "We love you James!"

Look for that to appear on "The Late Late Show" if it hasn't already.

Andrea and Ruth also got a shot at Lady Gaga, whose news conference followed Bryan's. Their mission that time, they said, was to make her laugh.

They tackled that task with some jokes. An example:

How does Lady Gaga like her steak?

Rawr rawr rah ah ah..

Guess you had to be there.

Gaga did chuckle and applaud the Corden ladies' efforts but did not leave the stage.

She's done car karaoke with James Corden in the past and exhorted his sisters to chastise for not being in Houston himself.

Here's the funny moment with the Cordens and Bryan:

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