Huey Lewis has lost most of his hearing, can no longer perform

Rocker Huey Lewis has had to cancel all performances for now while doctors try to solve a life-changing medical mystery: he has lost most of his hearing.

The trouble began a couple of months ago and Lewis can no longer hear well enough to sing, he said in a message posted via social media.

Lewis spoke with AJC music critic Melissa Ruggieri in 2016 ahead of that year's Shaky Knees Music Festival. ( Here is her review of their performance at the festival).

“I know nothing about Shaky Knees,” Lewis said, “but people tell me how impressed they are that we’re playing there. Apparently, it’s a younger crowd and I love that, I’m all over that.”

He looked back over his band's decades of hits.

“It was a radio world in the early ‘80s — I cannot emphasize that enough. MTV was playing videos of the exact playlist that radio was playing,” Lewis said then. “There was no Internet, no jam band scene, no festivals. It you wanted to exist as a band, you needed a Top 40 record. We produced ‘Sports’ ourselves because we needed a hit record. We wanted it to be commercial, but not cringe-worthy.”

At the time Lewis and The News were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album, which has sold 10 million copies. 

"The longevity of the career of Lewis and the News — original members Sean Hopper on keyboards, Bill Gibson on drums, Johnny Colla on saxophone, longtime players Stef Burns on guitar, John Pierce on bass and a trio of brass players — shows in the multigenerational crowds they now attract," Ruggieri wrote at the time.

Lewis hopes to return to his fans one day. For now, he's hoping for answers.

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