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Freaknik's coming back? Well .. not exactly

BREAKING: Freaknik party has been canceled.

Social media has been abuzz at word that Freaknik was making a comeback , although a little investigation suggests this could be just another weekend party, albeit one with a clever branding campaign.

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Planners' promotional blitz sent #FreaknikATL soaring to the top of Twitter's "trending topics" list this week, although the event seems far different from the rolling party revelers (and commuters) may recall from back in the day. This one is planned for a venue in Stone Mountain, The Atrium. The facility hosts a wide range of cultural events, family reunions, weddings and other gatherings. The so-called “Freaknik” gathering planned for Sept. 3 is actually a pool party like so many others The Atrium hosts. Only this one has some impressive marketing heft behind it.

“I’m getting calls from people asking if it’s for real,” said promoter Danny Hefner. “It is real. This is going to be wild, fun, just like parties used to be.”

Hefner didn’t attend the original Freakniks – he’s only 20 – but his mom did, and he’s heard stories. He and his fellow promoters thought bringing back the party for a new generation would be fun.

“We’re expecting a lot of people from all over the country,” he said.

Atrium owner Terry Brantley sounded bemused at all the attention this one party is receiving, when his facility has stayed busy for more than two decades hosting a range of cultural events.

Recent offerings there have included a performance by R&B vocal group the Delfonics and reggae artists Richie Spice & The Elements Band. (The poster for the Delfonics' recent performance, posted to the Atrium's Facebook page, is shown at the right.)

“It’s just another pool party at the Atrium,” Brantley said of the supposed Freanik 2.0. “We do this routinely.”


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