A fire broke out at Ryan Seacrest's house

A fire broke out at Ryan Seacrest's Los Angeles home but he's fine and has made some new friends in the fire department as a result of the experience.

"There was an electrical box that somehow caught fire by the trash cans outside of the house at 1:30 in the morning on Sunday night," Ryan told Ellen DeGeneres during a visit to her show this week. "It started to climb up a tree, so the fire department came and for 15 minutes or so put it out. Thank God they’re 30 seconds away down the street. They put it right out."

Ellen, who previously owned the home before selling it to Ryan, was concerned about some of the estate's residents.

"Were the fish OK?" she asked, looking at photos of the charred aftermath. "It was right next to the koi pond."

Ryan responded that the fish were just fine but admitted the incident left him a little rattled.

"It wasn’t great," he said. Ever the genial host, he quickly pivoted after all was well again.

"I wondered at the end of if, what do you give the firefighters? You feel like you should do something for them so I went and I gave them wine," he said. "I went back to the fire house and brought them cookies. What I learned is you can go to the fire house, they actually want to have visitors. Their favorite thing to get is pie … Marie Callender’s pie."

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