Dwight Howard is taking his mom to Australia for Mother's Day!

Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard has a serious Mother's Day gift up his sleeve: he and Mom are headed to Australia. (Scroll down for video).

"My mom is a hard working, strong woman. I watched her grind every single day to make ends meet. She would give her last for myself and my brother and my sister and for that we're forever grateful."

Howard was at the Sunday afternoon premiere of Atlanta-filmed "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul," with folks from his D12 Foundation. We got a couple of questions with him on the red carpet, and he talked about what's coming up with his foundation, which works with kids.

And he let us in on the surprise he cooked up for an extra special Mother's Day surprise.

"We're going to spend a week and a half in Australia. I'm looking forward to that time with my mom. Happy Mother's Day!"

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