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Dallas police issue all-clear following unspecified threat

DALLAS - Police hurriedly established a perimeter of several blocks around the department headquarters and a nearby transit station after receiving an unspecified threat Saturday night. The situation is now over.

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The department was not on lockdown, but as a precaution reporters and residents were pushed back several blocks. "Officers are searching the police parking garage for a suspicious person," the department tweeted Saturday evening.

Authorities did not release many more details about what they are investigating, saying "Officers are conducting a systematic search of the parking lot," via Twitter.

At some point during the evening,, the department used a shotgun to open a locked door.

Officers are planning to breach a lock door in the garage with a shotgun.

"Officers have completed manual search of the garage. No suspect found," the department posted. "As a precautionary measure, K9 is conducting a secondary search."

The evening ended with a final word from the department and a hail from its chief

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