Comedian Mike Epps is sorry he danced with a kangaroo

Comedian and actor Mike Epps danced on-stage with a kangaroo but has since come to regret it.

Epps' on-screen work include his roles as Uncle Julius in Starz’ comedy “Survivor’s Remorse,” both shot and set in Atlanta. He also appeared in the Atlanta-filmed movie "Lottery Ticket," starring Bow Wow and Ice Cube, and the HBO movie "Bessie," with Queen Latifah and Mo'Nique.

He also stars in ABC’s “Uncle Buck.”

Left to the improv-heavy environment of stand-up comedy, he apparently thought adding a kangaroo to the act would liven things up.

The animal was brought on stage at Epps' Friday night show in Detroit, apparently by a handler. For a time Epps held it by a harness. Fans soon populated the Internet with clips like this one and blowback was swift:

Epps has since posted a message of remorse (without explaining why he or anyone else thought this would be a good idea in the first place) and says he'll donate to a kangaroo charity.

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