Chris Pratt just posted the least appetizing food video ever

Food videos are supposed to make you hungry, or want to cook, or maybe just give you something appetizing to watch.

Actor Chris Pratt, who appears soon in Atlanta-filmed "Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 2," struck out on all three - but his attempt is at least hilarious.

"That's gross. That looks gross," he said, unveiling his super healthy but apparently somewhat less than delicious egg-and-cucumber wrap. "But it's not .. not so bad!"

At least it doesn't cost a lot - and the low-calorie treat is helping him maintain his chiseled physique.

In an Instagram post he deadpanned, "instead of flavor you get nutrition."

"Guardians" is out May 5.

Pratt also starred with Jennifer Lawrence in the Atlanta-filmed sci-fi romance "Passengers," and will be back town soon for the Marvel blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" and whatever Avengers movie comes after that.

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant for him to check out?

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