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Black Lives Matter activist: Bernie Sanders could have beaten Donald Trump

Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King says Democrat Party functionaries deserve "so much of the blame" for Donald Trump's victory - and says Bernie Sanders would have prevailed had he been the nominee.

"Bernie was the anti-Trump. Trump lacks integrity," King writes. "Bernie is known for his. Trump is a shady billionaire who has stiffed tons of everyday people. Bernie has spent his whole life fighting for working class folk. Trump is a liar and Bernie is known for his straight-to-the-point honesty."

He also referenced leaked emails that illustrated a concerted effort to boost Hillary Clinton over Sanders during the primary battle.

Former Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign over the scandal, after the hacked emails revealed party officials discussing ways to damage his primary bid and even pondering if there was a way to use his faith as a wedge issue.

King blasts the collaboration in his column.

"Before the Democratic primaries even began or any of the candidates had their first debate, Hillary Clinton and her team had already sowed up commitments from hundreds of career politicians to serve as her superdelegates — building her what often looked like an insurmountable lead," he writes. "Even in states where Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by a landslide, party operatives routinely pledged their support to her anyway — all but ignoring the reality that Bernie was building the very type of populist movement that could have actually defeated Donald Trump."

While Sanders campaigned for Clinton after she bested him in the primary, his team seemed to be quietly seething after her defeat to Trump, telling CNN: “We have nothing polite to say right now.”

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