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T.I. and his wife Tiny could be reconciling

2016 might not win this one after all. Rapper-actor T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle appeared to be heading to Splitsville after she served him with divorce papers - but things might work out after all.

After 20 years and three kids together, she served him with papers - but the two have spent a romantic Christmas holiday, TMZ reports, citing friends of the couple.

Clifford Harris Jr., as he's known in court documents, was certainly in a festive mood right before the holiday, when he spread Christmas cheer at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Dismas Charities.

“Continue to take it a day at a time," was his message for inmates at Dismas, a halfway house where prisoners spend the ends of their sentences; he was twice in custody there in years past. "Don’t get frustrated for not being able to do too much, too fast. Make sure your tomorrow is better than your yesterday.”

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