Warm up with bangers and mash at this West Midtown restaurant

DISH OF THE WEEK: Bangers and Mash at Ormsby's

One of the tragedies of winter in Atlanta is that we are so often deprived of the real thing. Thanks to the gorgeous snowfall in early December, made all the more beautiful by the fact that we didn’t become a national laughingstock that time around, our city got a taste of legitimate winter. A couple of weeks later, Atlanta’s typical version of the season kicked in: a constant temperature of 50 degrees paired with non-stop rain.

Luckily, we have Ormsby’s in West Midtown, which has served authentic English bangers and mash since it opened in 2009.  If anyone knows how to tolerate chilly, wet weather, it’s the English. On a mid-December visit to Ormsby’s, it wasn't so much the 55-degree temperature that had me spitting curses, but the misting rain that bottlenecked traffic on Howell Mill Road. 

I forgot all of that as I tucked into my plate of sausage, mashed potatoes, pan gravy and green beans, washed down with a glass of suitably European Palm Ale. Ormsby’s cooks its bangers so hot that the casings blister and split, adding some texture to the rich sausage and velvety mashed potatoes. If you steer clear of the beers, you can feel transported across the pond for $12 for the same meal. But if you’re sitting in Howell Mill traffic in the rain, my guess is you’ll need a drink, too.

1170 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta. 404-968-2033, www.ormsbysatlanta.com.


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