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Stock Up: Eat healthy with three Atlanta products

It’s February. How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Recharge that goal to eat healthy with three of our favorites.

Probiotics So Good You’ll Eat Them from The Jar

Naturopath Lupa Irie started Doraville-based Lupa’s Kitchen to share her philosophy of “Therapy Through Food.” She teaches classes, works as a private chef and, with her daughter Claire, makes kombucha, sprouted trail mixes and cultured vegetables they sell through online farmers markets such as Nature’s Garden Express and at stores such as Whole Foods, Sevananda Coop and Nuts ‘n Berries. Everything is tasty and everything is so good for you, but the cultured kraut is a revelation. Irie uses a six-week fermentation process which increases the probiotic content. The Traditional Kraut is just cabbage, Himalayan sea salt, caraway seeds and juniper berries and the result is mild and sweet, nothing like the sharp acidic krauts of your past. You could eat the whole jar in one sitting. $28 for 2-pack of 16-ounce jar of Traditional Kraut and 24-ounce jar of Red Autumn Kraut.

No Nuts, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Soy, No Eggs ... You’re Covered           

Muff’n Stuff dry mixes are one of the products of Sean and Jessica McMorris, the Edgewood-based creators of The Allergy Friendly Vegetarian. Their business includes a cookbook, baking for private orders and selling their allergy-friendly baked goods on Mondays and Fridays at We Suki Suki in East Atlanta. But it was the Muff’n Stuff dry mixes that hooked us. The muffin dry baking mix comes in plain, chocolate and spice flavors and the website explains how to add little extras to the batter or bake it into a cake instead of muffins or cupcakes. Forget every reservation you had about vegan or allergy-friendly baked goods. These are delicious and with the mix in your pantry, you can serve fresh-baked treats for all your friends and family no matter what their allergies or dietary needs. We got 16 muffins out of the mix instead of the 12 the package specifies, but that’s a good thing. The recipes are so well tested they know which plant-based milks work best with which mix, so be sure to follow their directions. $12 for a 19-ounce bag.

Juices, Almond Milks and Smoothies Made to Order and Delivered to Your Door

Late at night, Sunday through Thursday, the folks at Bamboo Juices at Serenbe Farms take your order, then get busy cold pressing juice, combining all sorts of healthy ingredients into their blended smoothies and blending sprouted almonds to make almond milk. Then they get up the next day and deliver all that to your door. For free. They also offer a line of elixirs and juice combinations for cleansing - all the creations of founder Kelley Sibley. Their most popular juice is Lemon Ginger. It’s got a kick from the ginger, sweetness from the green apple and all that vitamin C from the lemon. It’s as delicious as it is good for you. All the ingredients in Bamboo Juices products are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. You can order online for free delivery. $8.75 to $9 for a 15-ounce bottle of juice, $9.75 to $12 for a 15-ounce bottle of almond milk.


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