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A simple food lesson from a political reporter

DISH OF THE WEEK: Churros at Taqueria Verde

It’s refreshing to dine out with people who don’t analyze everything they eat. They remind us food fanatics that sometimes we take food a little too seriously.

That happened recently when I ate dinner at Verde Taqueria with The Atlanta-Journal Constitution political reporter Greg Bluestein.

Carne asada means nothing to your boy Blue. Why should it? Right now, he lives in a world of Jon Ossoff, Karen Handel and all things Trump.

He also admits to a juvenile palate. His favorite dish is grilled chicken and bland rice. (I’m working on that.)

I ordered many tacos at Verde. I think that Bluestein, having just filed yet another front page story, inhaled them rather than tasted what was stuffed inside. There was no deep conversation about the merits of al carbon.

Oh, but when it came time for dessert? Suddenly, he had an opinion. And it was a vote for the churros.

At Verde Taqueria, a couple long strands of deep-fried dough are piped with hazelnut filling. Warm and just the right level of oily, they get sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with Hershey’s syrup. It’s that simple, that juvenile. And so good that you want to place a second or third order.

“Sometimes, simple is key,” Bluestein said. Wise words from a guy who talks to politicians all day.

Verde Taqueria. 1193 Collier Road, Atlanta, 404-963-5362; 4600 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, 404-565-0290; and 1426 Dresden Drive, Brookhaven, 404-254-5319, .



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