National Beer Day 2018: Where and what to drink in metro Atlanta

It's not like we really need a day dedicated to beer to celebrate our favorite drink -- but it sure doesn't hurt.

Established in 2009 and recognized every April 7, National Beer Day celebrates the establishment of the Cullen-Harrison Act, which legalized the sale of beer and went into effect on April 7, 1933.

Supposedly Virginia resident Justin Smith came up with the idea while drinking pints with friends at his local Buffalo Wild Wings. “It’s not about what beer does, it’s about what beer is,” Smith told a TV station in 2016. “It’s the quintessential beverage that you can do so many different flavor pairings, you’re going to get flavors that you can’t get from anything else, because there’s so many things you can put in a beer.”

We’ll drink to that, today and everyday, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate your love of beer in Atlanta and beyond.

What to drink

AJC beer writer Bob Townsend has shown love to several local beers of late. If you’re trying to decide what to order at your local watering hole or which six-pack to pick up on your way home from work, give these a try:

New Realm Euphonia Pilsner

Boulevard Flora Obscura Dry-Hopped Porter

Gate City Terminus Baltic Porter

Monday Night Tears of My Enemies

Creature Comforts Reclaimed Rye

More beers you should be drinking right now

Where to drink

There are plenty of spots to wet your whistle in metro Atlanta. Try a few of these:

This new brewpub in Duluth and this one on the Eastside Beltline

7 places to drink beer OTP

Two Georgia beer gardens to enjoy the weather

Explore Georgia’s ale trail

Check out Chamblee’s Asian brewpub

Did you know?

According to a Beer Day Survey...

1 in 3 Americans drink more than 5 bottles of beer a week.

Lager is the most preferred beer, with stouts as the least popular.


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