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Find the perfect gifts for the food lover in your life online

This year, stay in your pajamas and find something for every food lover and chef in your life online ( or, if you're inclined to get dressed, check out top food and cooking picks at stores around metro Atlanta ).

Check out these food products, cooking tools and other foodie gifts and stocking stuffers that you can get online with the click of a mouse ( and check out our top online food and cooking gifts from last year here):

Food products

Piedmont Provisions Sichuan Pear Marmalade

Tiny cubes of diced pear and bits of lemon rind are suspended in a thick syrup flavored with a combination of Sichuan peppercorns and pink peppercorns. $14 per 9-ounce jar, Read more here.


Pizootz Infused Peanuts

Yes, you could put out a bowl of just any old nuts, or you could wow your guests with these new infused-flavor Virginia peanuts from Pizootz. . Read more here.


Hillside Orchard Farms Miss Davie’s Barbecue Sauce

This is barbecue sauce made just as we like it. It’s thick, it’s sweet and it’s got plenty of black pepper. $4.75 per 12-ounce bottle, $8.99 per 32-ounce bottle. Read more here.


Gaea Dirty Martini Juice

Bottled olive juice in two varieties – one labeled for use in gin cocktails, the other for vodka cocktails. $2.49 per 8.5-ounce bottle. Available at Read more here.


American Heritage Historic Chocolate

American Heritage Chocolate® is now offering chocolate made from a recipe they say dates from the 1750s. Sold in chocolate bites, sticks, blocks and as a chocolate drink mix at prices ranging from $1.95 for a 12-gram stick to $22.95 for a 12.72-ounce container of drink mix. Read more here.


Chai Lava

Chai tea concentrate made with fresh ginger, vanilla beans and whole spices including black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. $20 for 32-ounce bottle of concentrate. . Read more here.


Paulk’s Pride Muscadine Juice

We love the fragrance of muscadines and the juice really captures it. The purple has a complex wine-like taste, while the white (which is actually a pretty gold color) is more straightforward and may be a better choice for those new to the flavor of muscadines. The juice is $6.99 per 25-ounce bottle. Read more here.


SPR-FIELD’S Dried Monk Fruit

The Chinese name is “luo han guo.” It’s also known as “fruitmayor” and sources claim it’s anywhere from 150 to 300 times sweeter than granulated sugar. SPR-FIELD uses it in their Eureka Tea series available in 10 flavors including chamomile, Earl Grey and Orange Cinnamon. $40 for two boxes of six fruit. Eureka Tea is $20 for two boxes of 10 bags. Read more here.


Good, Really Good Broth from Zoup!

The broths taste clean and light and they’re crystal clear, all made from GMO-free and hormone-free ingredients. $6.95 per 31-ounce jar. . Read more here.


Strawberry Lemonade Dexter Myers Cookies

You taste the butter, the lemon zest, the white chocolate and the bits of preserved strawberry. $8 per bag of 10 cookies. Read more here.


ColorKitchen Decorative Food Colors

The packaging says “from nature” and for every parent who wants to reduce the amount of artificial dyes in their kids’ food, these powdered colors are just the thing. $2.99 per 2.5-gram single color packet, $7.49 for packages with one color packet and rainbow sprinkles that aren’t made with hydrogenated oils. and Read more here.


Low Country Fish Fry from Canewater Farm in Darien

It’s a well-seasoned mix of organic non-GMO corn with pepper salt, paprika and more. There are no preservatives, so you need to keep it refrigerated. It’s great on fish, as intended, but works just as well on chicken, shrimp or oysters, and makes a tasty addition to hush puppies. $6.99 per 1 3/4 pound bag. Read more here.


Root7 Himalayan salt cups

The glasses are translucent pink. Very pretty. Put the shot glasses in your freezer for a few hours, then when your guests arrive, set the glasses out on the serving board. Fill them with your best tequila and offer a wedge of lime if you wish. There’s something about the salt – we wish we knew what – that mellows out that tequila. $35 for the boxed set of four glasses and serving board. Read more here.


Asi Tea from Yaupon Tea Company

Available in Ginger Revival, Morning Mint, Ancient Wellness, Flower Power and Blissful Chai. $8.49 per box of 20 tea bags. Read more here.


Ginger Tumeric Green Tea from Verdant Kitchen

You can drink it because you think ginger and turmeric are good for you, or you can drink it because it’s delicious. $12.99 for a 2-ounce tin. Read more here.


Cooking and kitchen products

Viking Professional Cutlery carving set

his carving set comes with a 15-inch German steel-bladed knife with a very thin cutting edge designed specifically to give you long, perfectly thin slices and a 7-inch forged steel fork that will hold that turkey in place for slicing and gently lift each slice to a serving platter or dinner plate. $179.99 for the 2-piece set. Available through Amazon. Read more here.


Taylor oven thermometer

This model has a dial that’s just over three inches wide and a red pointer that makes it easy to see the temperature your oven is keeping. $6.99. Available at Target.   Read more here.


UrbanTrend’s Mistral Mini Mandoline Slicer

The thing we liked the most is that it slices on both the forward and backward motion, so you cut your fruits and vegetables in half the time. $35,  Read more here.


Bee's Wrap r eusable food storage wraps

Using the warmth of your hands, you soften the wax just enough to form a lid for your bowl or a wrap for a piece of cheese. Then the Bee’s Wrap stays in that shape until you unwrap it. $6 to $15 per piece. $42 for the Variety Pack. Read more here.

Grill Daddy's SAFETY-CLEAN

A new grill brush that uses steam to clean your grill. No chemicals, just plain old water. $15.99, Read more here.

Kilner spiralizer jar set

The spiralizer blade sits on top of the jar, then the well-designed safety band screws on top of that. $14.99, Read more here.


Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker     

We tried this with three kids and three adults and found we could make four batches before we had to refreeze the base. And it was so much fun. $49.99. Read more here.



Made in Georgia food products and gifts

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