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Stepping away from the Hawks beat for a couple weeks

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There is a line in the movie Forrest Gump when the title character abruptly ends the cross-country run portion of his eventful life.

“I’m pretty tired,” he simply stated. “Think I’ll go home now.”

I can relate.

And so … I will be taking a three-week hiatus from the Hawks beat and use my considerable accrued vacation time to step away and recharge. I’ve been grinding for some time on this beat that has very few off days, virtually no offseason and a grueling travel schedule. I’m pretty tired.

I will be off from Dec. 31 until Jan. 20 when I re-join the Hawks in Portland for a four-game west coast road trip. I will miss eight games, four home and four road contests.

I share this information to let you know that, despite my absence, Hawks coverage will continue in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and on Former colleague Matt Winklejohn, who helped on the beat last season, will cover home games and practices. Matt is a pro. You can also expect coverage from the road games.

During my time away, I will completely shut down from e-mail and Twitter. There may be some company generated tweets from my account but I assure you they will not be from me. I will be catching my breath, hitting a golf ball, maybe sticking my feet in some warm sand and finally getting to that leaky kitchen faucet.

Thanks for your understanding.

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