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Five questions with Jose Calderon

Most Hawks players held exit interviews with the media last week following the season-ending playoff loss to the Wizards. Over the next few days I will post five questions with some of those players to give some insight into their season and offseason plans.

Today: Jose Calderon, who will be an unrestricted free agent.

Q. What are you expecting this summer?

A. I’m not expecting nothing right now. Just relax and disconnect a little bit. It was a great almost two months playing basketball (with the Hawks). I really enjoyed my time with this team. I was really having fun out there. I was telling them it was great for me and how the team embraced me from Day One. I feel like I was here for more than two months.

Q. You still want to play? You aren’t done?

A. No, no. I think I showed out there that I can play a little bit. I think I can be helpful for a lot of teams. We’ll see where is the next chapter. The more important thing is I wanted to show that I can play and have fun. In L.A. I couldn’t because they were going in a different direction. It worked out pretty well.

Q. Would this be an option to remain here?

A. Yes, yes. Like I said, this organization treated me really well. I enjoyed the group of guys. I was telling them if I could have been here from the beginning of the season. I really enjoyed it.

Q. What are your priorities in choosing a team?

A. It will be a lot of things. It depends what they ask of me. It’s not going to be money, that’s for sure. One hundred percent that’s not the main reason. I want to be in a good situation. I want to have fun. I want to keep playing out there, helping and backing up some of these great point guards in the league. It was perfect for me how it was going here the past two months.

Q. What are your summer plans? Will you go back overseas?

A. Yes, I always do that. This year will be the first without (Spain’s) national team. After Rio last year, I told them it was the perfect finish to my career with the national team. We have a medal. It’s been too many years now. I want to concentrate and play here two or three more years. I played for so long with the national team. It was great but it’s time for the young guys to play.

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