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What the Falcons had to say after the 10-7 win over the Titans

NASHVILLE -- Here's what the Falcons were saying after their 10-7 win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday:

MATT RYAN, quarterback

On the team’s survival

"You know in this league, any time you come away with a win, that’s the objective. Today was a hard fought game for us and we kept battling the entire time. We would have liked to do some things differently, some things better, but at the end of the day a win is a win. When you go on the road in this league and get it done, that’s rewarding."

On what happened on the interception in the end zone

"Just a situation on fourth down, where you have to take a shot into the end zone. My first read on the outside wasn’t there, so I went back and tried to make a different throw to Jacob Tamme. I obviously would have liked to make a better throw, but it’sone of those situations on a fourth down, you’ve got to give it a chance."

On Davonta Freeman’s play

"I think Davonta has played awesome, he really has, and he played awesome again today. His confidence is growing every week, and I think our offensive line’s confidence is growing every week. I think they’ve done a great job blocking for him, and again, I think he had another 100 yard rushing game today. I’m really proud of him and happy with the way he’s playing."


On playing his zone on the big interception

"It was just based off fundamentals. I had the number two to my side as the tight end and I had the back also. I knew that we had pressure on   the opposite side coming. As my number two went away, my new number two was in the backfield for just a flare out. I knew I couldn’t really jump it because we play the deepest to the shortest (receiver). The quarterback wanted to route me to that way so that he could throw it behind, but I just stayed in the window. If he would have threw it to the back, we would have just ran up an tackled him. That’s what we do all the time. He threw it right to me. We had that pressure on him, so he had to get it out."

JULIO JONES, wide receiver

On Devonta Freeman

“I do whatever it takes. Everybody in our room is going to do the same thing as far as doing what it takes to get the next guy open. Devonta is doing a great job for us running the ball. Tevin Coleman also when he gets in and gets his snaps. They run the ball very well for us.”

RODDY WHITE, wide receiver

On the defense

“They did what they had to do. We just couldn’t function as an offense. But we’ll clean everything up. We’ll get better and we’ll be ready to go next week."

On what’s wrong with the offense

“It’s not one little thing that’s wrong. We have a lot of things that we have to fix. We got too many penalties today. First-and-20s in the game and in crucial situations. I think we had the ball at the plus 50 and got two holding penalties and that knocked us back and we couldn’t get rolling after that. Its tough when you get yourself in situations like that, when you’ve got three downs to get 20 yards. That’s tough."

On being 6-1

“It’s all good. You don’t give nothing back. You get what you earn in this league. You get what you earn, baby. We’re just going to continue to try to get better. We have to go in here and do what we do and that’s hold onto the ball. We haven’t held onto the ball the last couple of weeks. We’ve been giving it away. We have to stop. We have to stop or we are going to get beat."

DEVONTA FREEMAN, running back

On the blocking of the offensive line

“They are always on the grind. They always are great at making phenomenal holes and I just have to finished up and execute.”

On his play

“I always want to do better. I feel myself getting better every day and every week.”

On the offense

“We know what we can do. We know what we’re capable of. There are times when we get a three-and-out and we know that we are better than that. That’s causes frustration between us.”

JONATHAN BABINEAUX, defensive tackle

On the defense

“We gave up two or three plays on defense. Explosive plays for us which are out of character for our defense. In the end, we finished and got the W.”

On their style of play

“It’s all about finishing. It’s all about focusing. There is no game out there that we should be able to finish as long as we play the style that we are playing and are capable of playing, the sky is the limit for us.”

On the pass rush

“I think we were getting there all day, but he stood in the pocket and made some great throws. We kept up some good pressure on him and we got some holding calls….We are going to continue to progress as pass rushers.”

RYAN SCHRAEDER, right tackle

On the win

“It felt good. It was kind of a sloppy game. It felt like. I haven’t watched the film yet. The defense bailed us out a few times and made a big play at the end to seal the deal. It was a whole team effort. A tough road win. We’ll take it.”

On the run game

“It took a little bit, it felt like, to get going. But you just have to keep pushing and eventually it opened a little bit and it helped out a lot.”

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