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10 Super Bowl questions with Jalen Collins

HOUSTON -- Here’s what Falcons cornerback Jalen Collins had to say to the media at the Super Bowl:

(on the challenge of facing Patriots QB Tom Brady) “We just have to go out there and challenge them, take away his looks and not give him any pre-snap reads so he can pick the defense apart.”

(on the pregame festivities and extended halftime at the Super Bowl) “We might have to do stuff a little bit different but not really.”

(on LB Deion Jones becoming a leader) “With him in the middle, you have to talk a lot. They didn’t have him in the middle at LSU but he’s grown into one of those guys who’s definitely vocal on the defense and is flying around making plays.”

(on whether Jones is soft-spoken off the field) “No. Not at all. You see a different Deion in the media but when we’re in our element you can’t get him to stop talking.”

(on Jones being vocal with veterans) “It’s just football. Everyone wants to achieve the same goal so it doesn’t matter who’s telling who to go where.”

(on Jones being a backup at LSU) “We were really close at LSU; lockers right next to each other for a few years. He’s a tremendous player. At LSU we had a lot of fun even though we probably didn’t play a ton because there’s so much talent there. That doesn’t take away from the players that we were with.”

(on whether Jones got discouraged by his lack of playing time) “No. You can’t really get discouraged because there’s so much talent. If you don’t get to play right away it’s not because you aren’t good. I mean, it’s just not your time yet.”

(on Jones excelling on special teams) “At LSU, (special) teams is what you do if you’re one of the younger guys. You have to play on teams because there’s probably somebody else playing somewhere else. Teams, that’s where you get that first experience of ball. It’s the purest form of football so you really just get to run and hit stuff.”

(on the value of watching Patriots tape with their various looks) “You try to find a few things that stay consistent from week-to-week, certain things that they like to do. But for the most part you really just have to prepare for everything they’ve shown because it’s tough. They might make something up new or they might feel like they can do this against your defense from other defenses that are kind of similar.”

(on not overthinking on the field) “If you’re out there trying to think what they’re going to do on this play or from this look, you can slow yourself down. If you’re out there flying around, making decisions fast and trying to make stuff happen from what you see, then you’ll be pretty good.”


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