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Young Thug didn't show up to his own video shoot, but the video went viral anyway

Atlanta rapper Young Thug reportedly showed up 10 hours late to the video shoot for his "Jeffrey" single "Wyclef Jean." And, when he did show up, he never got out of his car because his Instagram account had been hacked.

Despite this, co-director Ryan Staake was able to put together a music video that has gone viral, generating 3 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 16.

In the video, which we are not posting because it features explicit language and imagery, Staake takes viewers through the disastrous video shoot. Using an audio recording of the rapper describing his vision for the music video, Staake shows how various scenes came together and others fell apart. He explains that he never met Young Thug and uses a silhouette to depict where the rapper was supposed to appear in certain scenes.

"I was trying to deliver to make an interesting statement, but also fulfill a contractual obligation," Staake told Rolling Stone after the video was released.

The "Wyclef Jean" music video had a $100,000 budget.

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