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7 easy, cheap last-minute Halloween costumes

How is it already the end of October?

For procrastinators, the upcoming Halloween festivities came way too fast.

Unlike Halloween enthusiasts, many people don't start putting thought into their Halloween costumes until the last minute. That's OK.

We've compiled a list of interesting costumes that can be thrown together with a trip to your closet (or the nearest mall):

“Brawny” man

Put on a red plaid shirt. Then visit your pantry (or local grocery store) and grab an unopened “Brawny” paper towel roll.


All you’ll need for this look is a striped red and white shirt with a matching hat. Throw on a pair of blue jeans and add a wooden cane on your way out the door.

Risky Business

Channel Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” with an oversized light pink (or white) buttoned down shirt and a pair of long white socks. Add a candle holder to complete your look and a treat your friends to a karaoke rendition of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

Regina George

Dress up as the leader of The Plastics this Halloween by rocking a black mini skirt and a tank top. You’ll need to cut two holes in the tank top to expose a solid-color bra (preferably purple) or another tank top underneath to channel the popular Mean Girl. Finish your look with a pair of black pumps. (Because who didn’t rock a pair of heels after gym class in high school?)

Rosie the Riveter

Wrap a red bandana around your head, throw on a denim shirt and show off your biceps to channel the popular character in the iconic World War II poster.


Secure two lids from canning jars to a black elastic band using hot glue to create a pair of oversized goggles. Complete the look with a long sleeve yellow shirt and a pair of denim overalls.

Dancer Emoji

Don a spaghetti-strapped red dress and a pair of matching shoes to transform into the dancer emoji. The most important part of this costume is in posing like the popular character.

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