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Lyft joins Uber in opposition to Hartsfield-Jackson's proposed regulations

Ride-share service Lyft joined Uber on Friday in opposition to Hartsfield-Jackson International's proposed plan to regulate ride-share pickups at the airport.

The airport is proposing to require ride-share drivers undergo fingerprint-based background checks and display a special decal in order to pick up passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson, among other requirements.

Lyft said in a statement Friday: "While the Hartsfield-Jackson staff has recognized the benefits Lyft provides, the current plan as proposed will make it extremely difficult for Lyft to operate."

Lyft added that "we look forward to continuing our work together with Hartsfield-Jackson" to reach an agreement.

Hartsfield-Jackson general manager Miguel Southwell said the requirement for fingerprint-based criminal background checks with the Georgia Department of Driver Services “gives everybody confidence in the system…. It really should be a welcome part of the process.”

Airport officials say taxi and limo drivers are already required to get fingerprint-based background checks.

Uber and Lyft conduct their own background checks, in compliance with Georgia state law.

Uber officials have said fingerprint checks for its part-time drivers would be cumbersome and expensive.

“If this framework were to be implemented, it will be impossible for Uber to (operate)” at Hartsfield-Jackson, a spokesman for the San Francisco-based company said in a written statement.

The proposal “would raise substantial barriers to the Uber driver partners” and is “out of step with the dozens of airports across the country that have welcomed ride-sharing” with operating agreements.

To read more about how Uber and Lyft pickups at the airport would work under Hartsfield-Jackson's proposed plan, read the full story on myajc.com.

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