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Hartsfield-Jackson to turn smoking rooms into cigar shops, charge for entry to smoking areas

The Atlanta airport is launching a plan to convert smoking rooms into cigar shops that would charge a fee to patrons who want to light up.

The plan comes as a number of other major airports have closed smoking rooms and gone smoke-free indoors.

Hartsfield-Jackson International plans to convert nine smoking rooms spread across different concourses. The cigar shops would require a minimum purchase or entry fee for those who want to smoke, according to airport documents.

Airport officials see an opportunity to gussy up the aquarium-like smoking rooms into more upscale lounges to generate revenue, while maintaining smoking areas on all of the concourses.

Read more about what the cigar lounges would be like, where else smoking is allowed at the airport, what major airports have gone smoke-free and why Hartsfield-Jackson is keeping its smoking areas on MyAJC.com.

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