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Hartsfield-Jackson featured in PBS series giving behind-the-scenes look at air travel

A series that gives an inside look at how airlines and airports work -- including at Hartsfield-Jackson -- will air on PBS starting Wednesday evening.

The three-part documentary series called "City in the Sky" will be broadcast on PBS on Feb. 8 at 10 p.m. ET. It aired on BBC2 last year.

The name of the series produced by the BBC and PBS comes from the idea that: "At any one time, there are a million people airborne somewhere in the world. That equates to an entire airborne city," according to the PBS web page on the series.

The BBC filmed for the series at Hartsfield-Jackson for a couple of days last year, said Atlanta airport spokesman Reese McCranie. He said Hartsfield-Jackson is featured in parts of all three episodes set to air weekly starting Wednesday.

Hartsfield-Jackson "is part of a global system," McCranie said. "When you come into an airport, you really expect a seamless experience. This really reveals and peels back the layers of every bit of complexity behind aviation, and it does it in a way that's accessible and quite revealing."

You can also watch the three episodes called "Departure," "Airborne," and "Arrival" online on PBS's website.


Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport featured in upcoming PBS aviation series

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