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Hartsfield-Jackson continues roof fixes after 2013 hailstorm

If you've noticed a leaky roof at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, you're not alone.

The Atlanta airport is continuing efforts to replace roofs throughout its facilities following damage from a hailstorm more than two years ago.

The airport has been gradually repairing roofs all over the airport. The work started on buildings that had some of the worst damage, including cargo facilities. Roofwork on Concourse E is underway.

Now, the Atlanta airport plans to spend as much as $6.6 million to replace parts of roofs on Concourses A, B, C and D. The work is expected to take about a year and a half to complete.

About 23,000 square feet of roof on Concourse A was damaged by the March 2013 hailstorm, along with 26,600 square feet on Concourse B, 33,000 square feet on Concourse C and nearly 17,900 square feet on Concourse D. The roofs are also aging, with some roughly 25 years old.

Hail from the 2013 storm penetrated roof membranes, allowing rain to run into the buildings, according to airport documents submitted to Atlanta City Council. Temporary repairs provided a short-term fix.

The airport also will fix roofs in the domestic terminal and Concourse T.

In the terminal, HVAC work on part of the roof led to holes and bad seams resulted in water seeping through, at times affecting security checkpoint lines. During rainstorms, the line sometimes had to be shifted over to another area.

In the last month, the airport has addressed the issue, said assistant general manager of planning Frank Rucker. "I think we've pretty much gotten ahead of that," he said.

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