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Hartsfield-Jackson bans hoverboards, skateboards

Hartsfield-Jackson International may have 7 million square feet of floor space in its terminals and concourses, but airport officials do not want you riding your hoverboard from gate to gate.

The world's busiest airport says employees have seen people using hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, skates and "other Personal Transportation Devices" at the airport. Now, the airport is banning the devices, saying they are a safety hazard.

It is making the ban official with a proposed ordinance being considered by Atlanta City Council saying people on so-called personal transportation devices in the airport "have the potential to cause physical injury or property damage."

Included in the category of banned personal devices are bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, skateboards, roller skates -- including retractable roller shoes, rollerblades, recreational scooters, motorized or electric carts, Segways, hoverboards "or any similar devices."

One notable exception: The ban does not apply to people with disabilities.

Also, employees such as police officers and airline contractors who use bikes, carts, Segways or other devices for their jobs continue to use them. However, all users are expected to "operate their PTDs at the pedestrian speed of traffic."

Airlines recently banned hoverboards from baggage for another reason: A potential fire hazard.

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