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Monday's conversation: Education

Gold Dome

Where do Deal, Carter stand on education?

The two candidates for governor garnered attention last week for their stances on the HOPE Scholarship, but there’s been less attention to their basic views on what role the state ought to play in education. I take up the matter today. Today’s guest columnist addresses institutions of higher education and whether they’re responding to the changing ways students learn and the increased frustration with rising college costs. And readers sound off about DeKalb County and its response to the now-abandoned effort to create a charter cluster in the Druid Hills area.

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Readers write: Oct. 20

Trust teachers, but try competition

In his guest column “Trust Teachers” (Opinion, Oct. 13), former school superintendent Jim Arnold asks us to trust teachers. I applaud the overwhelming majority of teachers who work for low pay and scant recognition. But I also believe competition is the only way to ensure the best education for our children.



From the left

Krugman: What markets will

In the Middle Ages, the call for a crusade to conquer the Holy Land was met with cries of “Deus vult!” — God wills it. But did the crusaders really know what God wanted? Given how the venture turned out, apparently not.

Now, that was a long time ago, and, in the areas I write about, invocations of God’s presumed will are rare. You do, however, see a lot of policy crusades, and these are often justified with implicit cries of “Mercatus vult!

From the right

Brooks: The case for low ideals

Let’s say you came of political age during Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. Maybe you were swept up in the idealism. But now you’ve seen an election driven by hope give way to an election driven by fear. Partisans are afraid the other side might win. Candidates are pawns of the consultants because they’re afraid of themselves. Everybody’s afraid of the Ebola virus, the Islamic State and the fragile economy.

Yesterday's conversation

Cobb County's missteps toward a stadium

When it comes to Cobb County’s tarnished governance machine, the plot continues to thicken. Unnecessarily so, in our opinion.

For about all it would take to begin dialing back the destructiveness, evasiveness, chicanery, squabbling and sleuthing about in Cobb would be for County Commission Chairman Tim Lee to begin acting like he actually respects the concept of elected, representative government.


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