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Thursday Conversation: Leadership

Lezlie Sterling

Helping Atlantans eat healthy local food

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The Atlanta Community Food Bank has partnered with a newly formed organization to expand its regional efforts to drive away hunger and improve access to fresh, healthy products. An executive with the Food Well Alliance explains the concept. The other column highlights a Texas-based youth and family nonprofit that has plans to expand to metro Atlanta.

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Readers write: Jan. 28

Wean schools of health benefits aid

Regarding “Bus drivers seek to keep state insurance” (News, Jan. 26), I question why the state is subsidizing health insurance for any county employees, not just bus drivers. In Forsyth County, approximately 75 percent of my real estate property taxes are to support the school district. Why do they need state subsidies at all?



From the left

Get this straight: Not all poor people ‘moochers’

The funeral for my high school buddy Kevin Green was Saturday, near this town where we both grew up.

The doctors say he died at age 54 of multiple organ failure, but in a deeper sense, he died of inequality and a lack of good jobs.

Lots of Americans would have seen Kevin — obese, with a huge gray beard, surviving on disability and food stamps — as a moocher.

From the right

Some good bills flying under the radar

The headlines for this legislative session will be dominated by a handful of big issues. Here are a few good bills that deserve more attention than they’ll get.

Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act: This is a holdover from 2014, when Rep. Mike Dudgeon, R-Johns Creek, couldn’t assuage the concerns of the power companies about his bill to allow homeowners and businesses to finance the purchase of solar-power equipment.

Yesterday's Conversation

Atlanta small business bullish? Well, maybe

Several reports show small-business owners are bullish about the economy, with expectations to hire and boost revenue in 2015. Today, the state director for a small-business advocacy group throws some what-ifs into those feel-good predictions, citing unknown variables such as policy decisions at the Gold Dome and White House. Elsewhere, a business owner talks about contemporary office culture, while an executive highlights Atlanta’s economic strides in 2014.

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