The Affordable Care Act in Georgia


Joint replacement
Brant Sanderlin

Outcomes mixed for joint replacements in Georgia

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What are the odds of a joint replacement surgery going wrong? That depends significantly on where a patient decides to have the procedure done, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution study of federal quality data.

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No cure-all for Georgia's rural hospitals

A plan by Gov. Nathan Deal to help Georgia’s ailing rural hospitals could be too little too late for some hospitals on life-support and may not do much good for others.

The plan, sparked by a recent spate of rural hospital closures, enables hospitals in danger of shutting down, or that have closed in the past year, to downsize into freestanding emergency departments to cut costs.

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    Mary Webb
    Brant Sanderlin

    So I'm on the exchange: Do I qualify for coverage?

    Use our calculator:  On October 1, Georgians who don’t get insurance at work can begin shopping for coverage on the new health insurance exchange. The federally-run marketplace for Georgia residents has a big draw: tax credits to help pay for insurance for many low and middle-income households.

    This calculator offers a preview of whether an individual or family may qualify for a subsidy and an estimate of how much insurance coverage may cost on the exchange. These figures are estimates based on information that is currently available to the public. Pricing is based on plans that have been approved for the greater Atlanta region of the state. Pricing will differ in other parts of Georgia. START NOW

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    Thousands die unnecessarily in Georgia each year
    Vino Wong

    Thousands die unnecessarily in Georgia each year

    Thousands of deaths in Georgia every year could be prevented if people in the state had better access to health care or led healthier lifestyles, according to the CDC. The five leading causes of death kill 28,000 people annually, and as many as one-third of them could survive if they had consistent preventive care, the report found.

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    Voices on health care: 20-somethings (small)
    Richard Watkins/

    The faces of Obamacare

    A six-part series: The big moment for Obamacare is here. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution conducted a statewide poll asking Georgians to tell us what they’re thinking, what they know about the health care law and how they believe it will affect them and the nation. What we found is that six in 10 Georgians have little idea of how the law will affect them, but most say they still don’t like it. Read our coverage of its effect in Georgia from businesses to individuals.

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