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Summer fun

Hyosub Shin,

Water parks provide fun ways to stay cool

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It seems appropriate when I step onto Dive Bomber, the new 10-story water slide at Six Flags White Water, that I find myself easing into a capsule that ironically resembles a coffin.

The ride operator then instructs me to cross my hands on top of my chest, not unlike a recently deceased body.

Is she trying to tell me something?

Once inside, the prerecorded sound of a heartbeat echoes in the chamber, which rivals the thumping of my own. Soon a voiceover starts the countdown, “Three, two, one.”

The bottom of the capsule quickly drops out from under me, and down the chute I shoot.


Big flavors from a tiny counter

Big flavors from a tiny counter

You’re not supposed to linger at Caribbean Chicken & Fish. The cinder-block hut is tiny — so small there are only two tables, and even those don’t fit inside. So small that you can’t help but get cozy with your neighbors in the steamy cafeteria line.

But, oh, when I go to Delight Your Palate (that’s the joint’s alternate name, reserved for the devoted) I just want to stay, perched at one of those mismatched picnic tables out front.



Two restaurants that couldn’t be more different
Becky Stein

Two restaurants that couldn’t be more different

I knew nothing of my dinner date, other than she had gone to a fundraising banquet and bid on the “dinner with a critic” auction item. She was bringing her best friend and seemed amenable to any kind of restaurant I proposed within a 10-mile radius of downtown.

Where do you take someone you don’t know to dinner?

I didn’t know if she was the kind of person who drank wine or cocktails.


Things to do

The AJC Peachtree Road Race starting line.
Atlanta Track Club

What to do in Atlanta | July 1-8

Celebrate America's independence this weekend with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race, or check out one of the many festivals and fireworks displays in and around the metro area.

Click 'read more' below to get the details and to see all of our best bets for the weekend.

» 3 fun things: In Dunwoody, East Point and Marietta

» Live music picks: The best bets in live music around Atlanta

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Visual arts

Documentary goes deep in Bruce Davidson’s photographs

Documentary goes deep in Bruce Davidson’s photographs

Known for his definitive photography of the civil rights movement and his deft penetration of American subcultures and groups, from football players to impoverished Harlem residents, Bruce Davidson is the subject of an intensely satisfying solo show at Jackson Fine Art that demonstrates his immersive approach to documentary photography.

The Jackson work is divided into two bodies of work: “In Color” and “The Brooklyn Gang.


‘Terminator Genisys’ packs powerful punch
Melissa Sue Gordon

‘Terminator Genisys’ packs powerful punch

By Rick Bentley

The Fresno Bee

James Cameron’s 1984 science fiction classic, “The Terminator,” blended the perfect touches of comedy, action and characters to become one of the best offerings in the genre. It not only solidified Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the top action film stars on the planet; it also spawned sequels, a TV show, books and lines of toys.


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AJC launches Breakdown, a new podcast series

AJC launches Breakdown, a new podcast series

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