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New Year's Eve 2015

8 great ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve

What do country singers, corndogs and Cleopatra have in common? Each can be found at respective ATL New Year’s Eve bashes. And there are lots of other ways locals will be popping the proverbial cork this year. So, belly up to a buffet of options and survey this sample of New Year’s Eve activities before the clock strikes 12.

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New Year's dining

Six options for New Year’s Eve dining

6 options for New Year’s Eve dining

What will you eat for your last meal in 2014?

New Year’s Eve is a time to splurge on something new or return to a favorite from the past year. Regardless, a bit of bubbly should be involved when the clock strikes midnight.




Winner Alfonso Ribeiro hosts ‘Dancing With the Stars’ tour

Winner Alfonso Ribeiro hosts ‘Dancing With the Stars’ tour

Most celebrities have to be cajoled into doing ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” There’s always the potential for humiliation. (Master P’s robotic stomping still haunts many viewers’ nightmares all these years later.) And it’s a lot of work, a lot more work than most celebrity reality shows.

Alfonso Ribeiro, best known as Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in the early 1990s, has actually been banging on the show’s doors for years, a true fan boy at heart.

Visual arts

Tenderness and angst define Fahamu Pecou’s impressive solo show

Tenderness and angst define Pecou’s impressive show

Artist Fahamu Pecou is one of the funniest, most pop culture-savvy artists in Atlanta: his paintings and performance pieces have mocked the hip hop ethos of preening, peacock bravado and also the too-big-for-his-britches attitude of the contemporary art star. Pecou has often engaged in a sly game of subverting stereotypes about what black identity is with the deft chops of a Chris Rock and the historically incisive attitude of contemporary artists like Renee Cox and Hank Willis Thomas.


The Imitation Game
Jack English

‘Imitation Game’ is simple, yet stunning

Actors love many things, but playing the smartest person in any given room is loveliest of all. Pleasant or hostile, elegant or socially maladroit, the smartest one in the room enjoys the zingers, the verbal checkmates and all the attention.

As mathematician, code-breaker and martyred gay icon Alan Turing, one of the most ill-served heroes of World War II, Benedict Cumberbatch goes to town — discreetly — in the new film “The Imitation Game.


“Big Eyes” one of the must-see movie biographies of the year
Leah Gallo

“Big Eyes” one of the must-see movie bios of the year

Casting Amy Adams to star in “Big Eyes” is one of the great no-brainers in Hollywood history.

Yes, the movie’s about Margaret Keane, the secret painter behind those “big-eyed waif” paintings and posters that dominated pop art of the pre-Andy Warhol ’60s. But mention that titular phrase and the first face that comes to mind is Adams, the sweet, soulful star of “Enchanted,” “Junebug” and “The Fighter.


Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’ is in serious need of repair

Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’ is in serious need of repair

Whatever else Angelina Jolie has been doing in her busy personal, professional and activist life, we can be sure she wasn’t spending it watching World War II prisoner-of-war movies.

“Unbroken,” her film of Laura “Seabiscuit” Hillenbrand’s book about ex-Olympian Louis Zamperini’s true life survivor story, stumbles into most every movie of the genre in ways that suggest she hasn’t figured out how these things work.


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