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“Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition”

Yucatán expedition

Chef/author David Sterling may be best known as the founder of Los Dos Cooking School, the first culinary institute in Mexico devoted exclusively to Yucatecan cooking.

But in addition to his research and teaching, Sterling’s 2014 book, “Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition” (University of Texas Press, $60), seems destined to mark him as the authority on the foodways of Yucatán.

Illustrated with vivid photos of people and places, and containing 275 recipes and a glossary of pantry staples and basic techniques, the combination history, travelogue and cookbook argues for the Caribbean-meets-Mexican Yucatán Peninsula as home to one of the world’s great regional cuisines.

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Beer town

Beer Town: Free Spirit Farmhouse Pale Ale a labor of love

Free Spirit ale is a labor of love

Brian Watts is behind the bar, pouring a glass of Free Spirit Farmhouse Pale Ale from a tap at the Fox & Gnome, the cozy hideaway in the basement of his Decatur home.

“I like to say there’s no other beer brewed with as much love as Free Spirit,” Watts says.


From the menu of...

From the menu of: Saul Good Restaurant & Pub

Saul Good Restaurant & Pub

Q: My parents, two sons and I were driving home from Michigan and stopped in Lexington, Kentucky, for the night. The front desk employee at our hotel recommended a local restaurant called Saul Good, so we went there for dinner. My mom and I shared their strawberry salad. It was delicious — by far my favorite salad ever and I’ve never had anything like it. Is there any way you could get it for me? I know I won’t be back in Lexington anytime soon and would love to have it again. Thanks so much! — Sarah Merkle, Atlanta


In season

In season: melons
Renee Brock

In season: melons

Unlike 2013, this has been a good year for local melons.

Last year, the rain melted the vines and turned the fruit into a rotted mess. This year’s drier weather has been a boon for local melon lovers.

John Mikle, who sells his produce under the name Farmer John, grows watermelon, cantaloupe and six different varieties of gourmet melons on about a quarter acre of the six acres he cultivates on a large property in Monroe.


Becky Stein

Asian comfort food redefined for a new generation

Inventing a cuisine broadcloth can be an exciting process, but also fraught and tricky. It’s a bit like inventing a personality.

But a cohort of Asian-American chefs across the country has been doing just that in recent years. They’ve reached for their mothers’ and grandmothers’ recipes and interpreted them through the prism of their lives: their childhoods filled with burgers, pizza and tacos.


Savor summer peaches before the season is over

Savor summer peaches before the season is over

It’s a challenge to grow peaches, said Al Pearson of Fort Valley’s Pearson Farm. “If we don’t win the battle with taste, then we’ve lost.”

The family-run farm is in its fifth generation of harvesting Georgia peaches, which Pearson believes are superior. “I think the heavy Georgia red clay soil gives the peaches a particular terroir, much like wine grapes,” he said.


It’s not summertime without sangria

It’s not summertime without sangria

Sangria served in a pitcher, with colorful bursts of peaches, strawberries or other fruit floating atop the mixture, is a pretty telltale sign that it’s summertime.

Although it’s typically a combination of wine, chopped fruit, some kind of sweetener and a small amount of brandy, this recipe calls for prosecco and cognac (a longer aged variety of brandy), and it’s an aromatic, bubbly alternative that shows off cognac’s distinctive fruity character.


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