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Salad and sangria in Spain
Addie Broyles

Beyond paella

I can see Maria Jose now.

It is the early 2000s, and the raspy-voiced, curly-haired Spaniard is standing in her hot kitchen in the southern coastal city of Alicante, carefully watching a pan full of potatoes and eggs cook on the stove.

She has a wooden spatula in one hand, poking at the edges of the tortilla — one of Spain's iconic dishes, similar to a frittata — to see if it's ready for la vuelta, the flip that inverts the uncooked side back into the pan to finish cooking.

This is the most important step, she tells me in Spanish.

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From the menu of...

Mezcalito’s poblano soup can double as a sauce

Mezcalito’s poblano soup can double as a sauce

Q: Love the poblano pepper soup at Mezcalito’s Cocina Grant Park. Also love the Chino tacos. Get the soup recipe and I’ll be happy. — Ed DeSimone, Atlanta

A: Nothing we like better than a happy reader. Vladimir Onysko and his partner Aurora Silva were glad to supply this recipe for Mezcalito’s Poblano Pepper Soup. Onysko wrote that this dish was created when Mezcalito’s opened.


In season

In season: tomatoes
Renee Brock

In season: tomatoes

Don Mitchell loves homegrown tomatoes and so do the people around him. For almost 12 years, he’s been growing enough tomatoes for his own household, as well as what he calls his “giant” family of seven brothers and sisters and their families, all of whom live nearby.

But he’s not growing his tomato plants in the ground. They’re growing outdoors in 5-quart and 5-gallon containers, all part of one of the two types of hydroponic systems he set up to feed his family’s passion for tomatoes.

Food safety

Foods’ ‘sell-by’ dates don’t always mean toss it

How often has this happened to you? You’re digging through the refrigerator looking for something to eat when suddenly you notice the “sell-by” date on the package. It’s several days past, so you toss the food out.

Americans throw away an estimated $165 billion in food every year, a good portion of it prompted by situations just like this.


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