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desserts in containers
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Sweets contained

Judith Fertig’s new cookbook, “Bake Happy” (Running Press; 2015), is full of sweets that make you smile. Picture rainbow cake layered with robin’s egg blue frosting, homemade versions of colored sprinkles, Citrus-Cardamom Twinkies and lavender-flavored soufflés baked in teacups.

The Overland Park, Kan.-based author came up with the latter recipe after seeing a photo of soufflés baked in chunky earthenware mugs on Pinterest. When she spotted a set of cute ovenproof teacups at Nell Hill’s, Fertig knew she had to test the technique.

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Beer town

Five beer books for summer reading

With the July 4 holiday coming up, and many more weeks of hot weather ahead, it’s the season of summer reading lists. Novels and biographies are popular at the beach or the mountains or wherever a vacation offers the time and place to curl up. But here are five 2015 books for those of us who like to read about beer almost as much as we like to drink it.



In season

In season: cucumbers
Renee Brock

In season: cucumbers

Pace Produce specializes in three vegetables: squash, tomatoes and cucumbers. Lots of cucumbers. So many cucumbers that the folks at the Saturday morning Green Market at Piedmont Park have labeled Pace Produce “Your Cucumber Connection.”

Clinton Pace, his wife Jessie and his cousin Andre Edmiston are Pace Produce. The farm has been operating under that name for seven years, but its roots go back much further.

Food safety

Foods’ ‘sell-by’ dates don’t always mean toss it

How often has this happened to you? You’re digging through the refrigerator looking for something to eat when suddenly you notice the “sell-by” date on the package. It’s several days past, so you toss the food out.

Americans throw away an estimated $165 billion in food every year, a good portion of it prompted by situations just like this.


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