Fall dining guide: Atlanta's dining trail

Fall dining guide: Atlanta's dining trail (illustration)
Richard Watkins,

Where to eat this fall in metro Atlanta

Sometimes dinner begins with a hard-earned reservation. Or a drive across town to a specific address plugged into your GPS. Or a 90-minute wait in a crowded reception area waiting to hear your name over a loudspeaker.But sometimes dinner begins with a stroll. Your destination isn’t the specific restaurant, but rather a neighborhood filled with options.In recent years, many of the metro area’s town squares, thoroughfares, shopping malls and planned communities have developed into full-on dining neighborhoods. Drinks, dinner and dessert don’t all have to be in the same place. Discoveries abound, waiting to be made.In this Fall 2013 Dining Guide, let us explore the best neighborhoods out there.

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Restaurant Scene in Decatur
Becky Stein

Notable for restaurants, the town is building a reputation for fine drinking

Is it safe to say you’ve gotten the memo? You know, the one about Decatur being the best dining neighborhood to emerge in the metro area since meat met three? Sorry, if we’ve added our adulation a bit too frequently to the clamor. We’re just trying to keep up with the most interesting developments around town, and it seems like a lot of them do indeed happen in this small city on Atlanta’s eastern border.

Luckie Marietta District

Restaurant scene near Centennial Park gaining traction

Some dining neighborhoods develop over time as diverse restaurants cluster around an intersection. Think about how Virginia-Highland derives as much of its character from Moe’s & Joe’s as it does from Murphy’s, La Tavola or the more recent Yeah! Burger.


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