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MyAJC shifts to subscription service

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Since March, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has offered a free preview of our new premium website The preview ended on Wednesday, May 15.

Over the last 58 days this site has been visited by print subscribers and new readers of the newspaper. Beginning on May 16,  the website can only be accessed by subscribers of the AJC.    Ready to subscribe now? Go to

If you are a current subscriber – home delivery newspaper or of our digital apps — you already have access to the site.   Access is included in your subscription.   Now is the time to make sure you are registered and add total digital access to your account.

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Your AJC, Now Delivered More Ways

Atlanta Journal-Constitution home delivery subscribers now get access to read the paper on our tablet edition, news app and online e-Edition. All now included with your subscription – plus get even more exclusive news content through

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is your complete source for the best local and in-depth news.  Become an AJC home delivery subscriber today and get access to read the paper on our tablet edition, news app and online e-Edition — all at no additional cost.


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This is an exciting time for newspapers as we develop new ways to deliver in-depth reporting to you., our new website designed for readers and offered exclusively for subscribers, will be enhanced with new features over the coming months.

We want to hear from you. Please share your input and thoughts by completing a short survey or emailing us your comments or questions about your experience on the site. Your input is key to making better.



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AJC launches Breakdown, a new podcast series

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