‘Breakdown’ S03, Ep. 6: Doctor, healer, serial sex offender

In this final episode, a Fulton County judge orders Dr. Narendra Gupta to surrender his medical license and stop practicing medicine forever. She underscores the order with a pointed question: “Do you understand that, Mister Gupta?”

Gupta says yes. He has just entered into a deal in which he pleaded guilty to three charges of sexual battery against patients. Another condition of the plea bargain: Deal with the civil litigation against you and then leave the country. 

And he did, in fact, leave the country. But when he returned to his native India, Gupta turned his back on almost everything the American court had ordered him to do. Johnny Edwards, part of the reporting team behind the AJC’s award-winning series “Doctors & Sex Abuse,” demonstrates just how far American justice can reach. 

You can listen to Episode 6 of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s podcast, “Breakdown, Predator M.D.,” right here. Or check iTunes and other podcast networks. You can also find all three seasons of the podcast on ajcbreakdown.com. Like this first five episodes of this current season, Episode 6 contains mature subject matter, and listener discretion is advised.

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