Readers Write: Sept. 12

PSC are just pawns of Georgia Power

The powers that be want the bailouts for the Plant Vogtle boondoggle to continue. This is contrary to the long-term best interests of the Georgia taxpayers and ratepayers.

Nuclear plants are very capital-intensive. Since Georgia Power’s rates are set based upon return on capital, Georgia Power just loves capital-intensive power plants. Georgia Power doesn’t really care about huge capital cost overruns. This just adds to the return on capital. More money for Georgia Power.

The chief co-conspirator with Georgia Power is the Georgia Public Service Commission. This commission is supposed to serve the people of Georgia and protect them from poorly managed utilities. Instead, the PSC serves Georgia Power, with four of the five commissioners essentially being Georgia Power pawns. The PSC continues to give blank checks to Georgia Power to make up for their poor management. The Georgia ratepayers continue to pay the bills.

If the Georgia voters want this scenario to continue, they must quit voting for the Georgia Power candidates. They must vote against the Georgia Power pawns, even if they are Republican.


Harvey helps America unite

Perhaps the universe sent Hurricane Harvey to wake America up to who we really are.

We are not all these tiny little groups of “me first and mine only.” We are one people who care about others. Just witness the outpouring of support for the victims of Harvey. The caring of individuals, groups and institutions gives me hope.

We are one people. We must remember this to survive.


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