Readers Write: Sept. 13

America needs to grow a spine

Stop being afraid. Two generations ago, the U.S. fought international totalitarians and emerged from World War II bruised but victorious. The resolute national conviction was to freedom instead of fear. Threat was met with contempt, defiance and strength. Fast forward to today’s America where everyday challenges cause stress, fear and surrender. People are called derogatory names that end in “-ist” and hide under the bed instead of challenging the label. Those who question global warming are called deniers and fold instead of challenging the science. Predictions of potentially problematic incidents are met with hand-wringing and presumptions of worst outcomes. Even traditional, unthreatening speech and common everyday behavior is now labeled as aggression or microaggression and successfully intimidates. The lunacy of fear is pernicious. Enough is enough. It’s time for America, as one, to regrow the spine that our Founders bequeathed us and stop being afraid of everything.


Deporting Dreamers is self-defeating

On one hand, Trump has rescinded DACA. On the other, in referring to immigration reform, he speaks favorably of U.S. Senators Tom Cotton’s and David Perdue’s RAISE Act. The RAISE Act would prioritize potential immigrants based on skills and merit and educated, English-speaking applicants would receive priority.

I can’t help but find it self-defeating to consider deporting 800,000 English-speaking Dreamers, educated in our country, adapted to the American way of life and who are often skilled. These youngsters epitomize the very people we would be interested in attracting under the RAISE Act. If their possible deportation were not so tragic, we could smile at the irony.


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