Readers Write: Oct. 12

Confederate flag not part of Kaepernick debate

Let’s review the racist rant by the letter-writer of “Where is vitriol for Confederate flag,” Readers Write, Oct. 4. No. 1: Colin Kaepernick has never been banned from anything. No. 2: the protesters did malign the U.S. flag, our country, our veterans and our national anthem. He brings up the Confederate flag which has never been part of this discussion. Robert E. Lee was well respected in the North and the South before and after the Civil War. He discusses the KKK; again, not a part of this discussion. The Confederate flag is the mantra of hate for the NAACP. I would ask the letter-writer, where was the Confederate flag in any of the football stadiums? Learn to discuss one racial rant at a time.


Where do people of faith take despair?

Jim Galloway’s Political Insider, “Ga. law makes guns something close to sacred,” Oct, 4, makes the most important point conceivable in this never-ending debate on how Americans deal with the epidemic of violence by guns.

When there can be no reasonable debate on practical solutions to stemming the tsunami of violence by guns which marks our headlines and newsfeeds, then we must go to scripture. Exodus 20:4 “You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath.” If massacres like Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Pulse Nightclub, San Bernardino, and now Las Vegas don’t propel lawmakers to act upon the idolatry of needing guns of every type, everywhere, in everyone’s hands, then where do people of faith take their despair?


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