Readers Write: Nov. 12

Mass shootings a problem of moral anarchy

In a somewhat rare occurrence, I agree with Jay Bookman (“Are mass shootings a ‘mental-health problem?’” Opinion, Nov 8) to a degree. He writes that these mass shootings are not a mental-health problem, so a mental-health solution will not work. We agree on that, and we agree in principle that the solution should be related to what the problem actually is — that calling the problem something it is not distracts from employing a proper solution.

Where we diverge is that he then argues that this is a gun problem, and his proposed solution is political, as if the problem was a political one.

The problem is a moral one. It is evil within the hearts of men and women alike. And this problem has been nurtured by our “higher” education system which now teaches us that we each decide our own morality — I decide what is right for me, and you decide what is right for you. Unfortunately, it also means that these killers get to decide what is right for them too, and they do.

Until we fix this with a moral solution that re-establishes objective moral values — that some things are right and wrong, no matter what you and I believe — we will continue to see escalation like this. This is where relative morality leads — it is every man for himself. That is moral anarchy, and these mass shootings are the product of such flawed ideology and reasoning.


Criminals shouldn’t have access to rapid-fire guns

Texas, Colorado, Connecticut , Nevada and others. We continue to see young and old men, with obvious mental problems legally obtain effectively-automatic weapons and slaughter men, women and children. If our American society expects to be considered a proud, democratic leader among freedom-loving nations, then we have to solve this current crisis. When a society allows its children to be the targets for mass murders, we have lost our way. Persons who have a need for such weapons can have them in many states under the law. Those states must ensure that they are not obtained by criminals, druggies and insane psychopaths. In the world of today’s communications that should not be impossible. If we have dysfunctional Democratic party and dysfunctional Republican party state governments, then change them. Otherwise, we will sink to the level of a society where the criminals and psychopaths rule. Bring back the serious penalties for crimes committed with murderous weapons. Bring back the real penalties for murder, manslaughter and deadly assault. And while we are at it, bring back the insane asylums, for we now release those people to the streets.


Braves shouldn’t let talent slip from fingers

I enjoyed watching the pitching/catching combination of Charlie Morton and Brian McCann help the Houston Astros win the exciting World Series. Both are former Atlanta Braves. It makes me wonder: If we didn’t let talented players slip through our fingers, could the Braves hand in a World Series victory?


Harassment training can be short and simple

My employer many years ago held sexual harassment training for all employees. The short and most simple portion of the training was the following: If the comment is not appropriate to be said to your mother, then the comment is not appropriate for anyone else.


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