Readers Write: Nov. 29

Dems should not capitulate to Trump

I just read Cal Thomas telling Democrats to “Deal with it,” Opinion, Nov. 21, when it comes to Donald Trump as president. He says Dems should give Trump a chance to see if his ideas work. Has Mr. Thomas been in a coma the last eight years? The Republicans have fought President Obama tooth and nail on everything since the day he was elected. They are now known as the Party of No because of their constant fighting of anything and everything Obama says or does. Now the Dems are supposed to happily capitulate to Trump whose ideas go against everything they stand for? Mr. Thomas, you’ve got some gall. If you think Dems are going to get behind a man who gropes women and brags about it, makes fun of disabled people and lies at the drop of a hat, among so many other sickening things which I don’t have room for in this letter, you’ve got another thing coming.


Drugs, parental failures handicap children

Drugs are the devil incarnate. Children suffering the abuse of drug use by their parents start life with a handicap that follows them throughout their formative years. Being shuttled off to foster care only increases the likelihood of their feeling unwanted and unloved. The handicap is the central cause of outbursts and resistance to authority in schools. And feeling unwanted and unloved is the major cause the youngsters become gang members in order to feel needed and wanted by their peers. This particular vicious cycle will not end until there is no reward for having children outside marriage and there is some sort of legal resistance to allowing adults to promiscuously bring a child into the world knowing full well they will not be responsible for that child. Drug use is pervasive and is being encouraged by celebrities being featured in the media as role models and that impresses youngsters who have had no guidance by responsible adults. I know foster homes are a necessity, but that necessity was brought about to tend to parental failures.


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