Readers Write: March 24

Wingfield right about CBO estimate

Go for it, Kyle. You have given us some actual facts and sane conclusions about the new healthcare plan for America “24 million are going to ‘lose’ insurance? Not so fast,” Opinion, March 16.

Liberals have done nothing but cover said program with sackcloth and ashes. You would think that people would soon be dying like flies. Funeral directors would be “lickin’ their chops.” Not so! Just another perilous ploy perpetuated by our deliverers of joy, heart-broken Democrats.


Trump doesn’t need facts to make claims

What is the realistic interpretation of President Donald Trump’s “wiretapping” claim? Since no fact supports that episode, he has altered the description of the activity to “surveillance,” which is keeping a close watch over someone not accessing a phone line or other communication device. No confusion exists regarding the two terms.

This episode suggests the following dilemma: Suppose the president made a similar error regarding a major decision, such as committing armed forces or addressing another dilemma. Would he act similarly if no facts justified a proposed undertaking?

Another thought could be the congressional leaders’ reaction to the wiretapping suggestion, i.e. demanding proof from the president or another source for support but none came forth. Is the veracity of our chief executive officer destroyed?

Involving the political leaders of Germany and Great Britain as sources for support of the assertions could have a devastating impact on our foreign policy.

Do not disregard Trump’s claim that millions of votes for Hillary Clinton, which exceeded his total, were illegal. The fraud on the voters was electing him president. It is irrefutable that he is insecure.


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