Readers Write: Jan. 4

Fusion energy could be option in Ga.

In “Finishing Plant Vogtle is best path for Ga.,” Opinion, Dec. 23, Tim Echols, vice chairman of the Georgia Public Service Commission, advocates for a clean powered future by approving the nuclear fission plant construction to preserve a prosperous clean future. Many people are hopeful other clean-powered sources, solar and wind, can replace energy utility production, considering any nuclear power to be extremely hazardous. But is there another option?

Yes. My youngest son works at ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, and Latin for “the way”). Seven nations are building it in southern France now. Fusion power has potential to provide sufficient and sustainable energy to satisfy mounting demand with a small impact on the environment. Fusion reactors would release far less radioactive pollution than fission reactors.

We need to support it. At 87 years of age, I worry about my great-grandchildren’s future. Fusion — not fission — is the best nuclear option!


P.O. boxes thwarts porch pirates

Our post office in Blue Ridge offers a service to P.O. box owners that thwarts porch pirates: we ship everything to the post office, where they hold it for pick-up. We simply use the street address of the post office and our box number as our ship-to address. This simplifies shipping options during ordering in that it doesn’t matter if the shipper uses the postal service, FedEx, or UPS to ship the package. Local residents are thus encouraged to lease a P.O. box, which decreases the number of street addresses for first-class mail delivery while providing additional revenue to the Post Office and eliminates the risk of stolen packages from our front porches. It’s a definite win-win-win and a service which I hope the postal service offers nationwide.


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