Readers Write: Feb. 23

Protest at open office event was misplaced

I was looking forward to the congressmen Isakson, Perdue, Hice Open Office event on Feb. 10. The public was invited to state their concerns about the issues. That morning, I looked on Facebook to confirm the address and I saw a posting saying, “Let’s get as many protesters as we can to this event.” I thought to myself, “I’m not going to protest, I’ve been invited to a conversation.” The first speaker explained the format in which there were six legislative aides who would take people, one-to-one, into conference rooms to hear their concerns. Six people could speak their concerns at once, rather than only one at a time, as in the town hall format. When I arrived, I was directed to enter by the side door because the room was full to capacity through the front door, so I didn’t know there was a sign-up sheet. The audience booed the speaker and yelled “Shame, shame, shame.” This was followed with more chants: “Town Hall, Town Hall. Are you going to listen?”, “This is what Democracy looks like” and “Do your job”.

I am in agreement with all of the issues these protesters represent. I attended the Women’s March in Washington D.C., but this protest felt misplaced to me. We have to choose our battles carefully and direct our momentum effectively.


Open records response a little over top

I find City Hall’s response to the open records request regarding the ongoing bribery investigation a little over the top. As usual, the esteemed mayor reacts like a petulant child and dumps 1.4 million pieces of paper on the people who requested the information in an “in your face, there it is” kind of reaction. Just like the guy who pays his tax bill with bags of pennies because he is angry over having to pay up.

OK, Mayor Reed. You made your childish point. But then again, you made a larger point. I have to wonder if the finger will point back at Hizzonor at some point. I have to think it will.


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