Readers Write: Dec. 28

Dems will not be winners in next election

Why do Congressional Democrats and the mainstream media hate rich people? Many of these folks fall into the rich category themselves. Do they think jobs come from poor people? I’ve never had a job offered to me by a poor person, have you? Not a single Democrat voted for the tax reform bill this week because they say it helped the rich. So what, if it helps the rich, the poor and large corporations? Everybody wins! The Democrats think they will pick up seats in Congress next election by not voting on the tax bill, but they are mistaken. The economy, stock market and industry will be so strong, no rational voter will want change. I’ve never seen such optimism among our citizens before in my life.


Mueller investigation necessary for democracy

The Mueller investigation is bitter, but necessary, medicine for America. That Russia interfered in the 2016 election has been established. Our citizens must know what happened, how it was done and who participated. Hopefully, the Mueller investigation will answer these questions.

Trump, conservative media outlets that prey on low-information Americans and some Republican officeholders want to bring it to a halt. Since the Flynn guilty plea and without cause they have relentlessly disparaged the FBI and Robert Mueller.

The investigation must continue. Trump erroneously thought firing Comey would stop the examination. Removing Mueller would be a thousand times worse for him. Many Americans would then conclude that he conspired with Russia to win the election.

Russian interference in our election was an attack on our democracy. It will be a tragedy if there is a coverup. I hope Trump did not collude with Russians, for the sake of our beloved nation. But we must know.


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