Readers Write: Dec. 2

After election, toxic bigotry must be resisted

With “White-Nationalism” conferences, KKK parades, etc., there is increasing conversation of “Trumpism” becoming “normalized.” As the New York Times quipped recently, “journalism that matters, more essential than ever.”

President-elect’s strategist Steve Bannon’s Brietbart website promotes “racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia.” While the new guardians will likely resist overt racism and anti-Semitism, Islamophobia is bound to be especially “normalized.”Trump’s national security advisor, Michael Flynn, believes Islam is “cancerous;” for Attorney-General-designate Sessions, it’s a “toxic ideology.” Such rhetoric has caused fresh tremors in the Islamic world. But, the ISIS goons are celebrating.

The election has compressed all the Islamophobic bigotry of recent years into ugliest expressions. And the new guardians will continue to spread the most bilious fodder that will further feed crusade-like suspicion and legitimize visceral anti-Muslim hatred. Many are emboldened, and, indeed, hate of all “others” is now politically correct.

While there are pressures to “normalize” the powerful, the Orwellian fakery of Trumpism must be resisted, to preserve America’s sacred ideals.


Promote adoption to lower abortion

I was heartened by the report that the abortion rate in the U.S. continues to trend down (CDC Report). If we really want for it to plummet, let’s get behind a robust national effort to promote adoption. Imagine what might be done if Planned Parenthood had a protocol for supporting birth and adoption that had the same, or higher, priority as the abortion route. I dare say it would get a lot of support from “pro-lifers,” and I believe it would change the dynamic dramatically. Think of all the U.S. families that want to adopt, but now must look to Africa, Latin America or Asia for children. This would be a win/win folks!


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