Readers Write: Dec. 6

We are only guaranteed equal opportunities

The letter-writer of “Critics of kneeling can’t grasp freedom,” Readers Write, Nov. 27, admonished our country’s failure to live up to its tenet that all men are created equal. There is no such thing. I cannot equal Kareem’s “sky hook,” Phelps’ 21 gold medals, Serena’s tennis grand slam records, McCartney’s musical compositions, Einstein’s theories, etc. I wasn’t created with the same mental or physical attributes as theirs, nor will I be able to duplicate their accomplishments. The “all men are created equal” phrase has become the mantra by the have-nots to justify their plea that our government should guarantee an equal outcome, regardless of talent, intellect or effort. Hogwash. All our government is obligated to guarantee us is an opportunity to reach our potential regardless of whether that potential equals that of others.


President is scary to many outside U.S.

I am so tired of our president telling us how great he is when he has actually accomplished very little in Congress. Too often he comes across as a very mean-spirited egotist. And he lies big-time and all the time. His stature declines daily.

During a recent three-week holiday in England, when people heard my accent they would usually ask me if the president is for real. Most of them don’t like him and are worried that he is going to start a nuclear war with North Korea.

Our president has no class and could learn a lot from Barack Obama who was and is a class act. His dislike of President Obama and endless attempts to disparage him and his record are despicable and not necessary. He needs to stop Twittering and making a fool of himself.


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