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Braves trade Matt Kemp to Dodgers in major salary swap

Readers Write: Dec. 8

Strict term limits needed for Congress reps

Special health and retirement plans (no Medicare or Social Security), extravagant budgets and expense accounts, preferential rules regarding insider trading of stocks, and now we find that taxpayers have been paying for their sexual harassment settlement expenses (“Quick firing not an option in political sex-misconduct cases,” News, Dec. 1). What else have they covertly done for themselves?

Even the new tax cuts will benefit them more than the middle class.

Congress has bestowed perks and benefits on itself to become a privileged class. No wonder they all want to be career politicians.

When will the public wake up and demand strict term limits and the other necessary rules to prevent people in Congress from becoming career politicians?


Paying college athletes a bad idea

The article by Karl Benson “College athletes are students, not employees,” Opinion, Dec. 2, was outstanding. We have youngsters that devote their developmental years to preparing for a lucrative future in professional sports. One might say that there is nothing bad about that, but you must consider the fact that there is a very limited number of these boys (and girls) that “make it big.” Unfortunately, a significant percentage of those that “flunk out” in their attempts to make a living at their chosen sport end up with little qualifications for finding employment that offers lucrative returns similar to what they might have realized in the professional sporting ranks. In fact, many of them are forced to take low-paying jobs. Many end up in trouble with the law. To “pay” these youngsters for playing a sport during their developing years is not only a very bad idea but it quite possibly might even exacerbate the problem.


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