Readers Write: April 12

GDOT should take responsibility

Once again, Atlanta officials fail to take responsibility for their actions. A tweet shortly after the Interstate 85 collapse said it all, “What genius decided to use store flammable material under a major interstate bridge?” Let’s face facts: if highly flammable material had not been stored under the I-85 bridge, there would have been no fire or highway collapse. But why should GDOT take responsibility for their actions when it’s so easy to make a homeless addict with mental health issues the scapegoat for this disaster? The real culprit, of course, is the well-paid GDOT employee who foolishly decided to store highly flammable material under a heavily traveled interstate highway bridge. We pay highway officials to use professional judgment to eliminate such risks. What other hazards have they allowed to lurk under Atlanta’s transportation arteries?


Passengers in back should be first to board

I agree with the letter writer of (“Delta boarding process won’t help much,” Readers Write, April 2), about Delta’s problem with boarding efficiency.

Another simple improvement: Board the passengers sitting in the rear of the plane first, then the next section forward, and so forth. Those sitting at the front of the plane would board last. The advantage is that people going to their seats won’t have to push past those who are stowing luggage and getting settled. Common sense, and it should make boarding faster.

As it is now, first-class and biz-class passengers board first. But there’s no privilege in that; they just have to sit longer, and they’ll already be sitting a good while during the flight.

There’s an old rule used in ceremonies: the honor goes to those who are “last to enter and first to leave.”


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